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Fusion Bookkeeping believes in Best Practice accounting and bookkeeping for working offsite, paperless, cloud based and engaging offshore contractors.

Our Privacy Policy relates to our collection and handling of personal information that is covered by the Privacy Act including our website and accounting software.

Our Policy

Fusion Bookkeeping is guided by the Tax Practitioners Boards Code of Professional Conduct, in particular:

  • Outsourcing, Offshoring and the Code of Professional Conduct
  • Confidentially of Client Information.
  • Cloud Computing and the Code of Professional Conduct

Fusion Bookkeeping has also added additional security measures including

  • Contractors have signed a legal Service Contract with Fusion Bookkeeping and a Non Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”).
  • Contractors are required to submit a Police Clearance, copies of qualifications and ID.
  • Access to accounting software is controlled as per the standard User procedures.
  • Access to third party software is controlled and on an as needed basis.
  • Access to internet banking, merchant facilities and payment portals is restricted.
  • Contractors do not have access to client’s cloud based filing system eg Dropbox
  • Fusion conducts regular security audits of Xero files.
  • Contractors have individual domain email accounts to ensure that source documents are accessed only by authorised employees.

Fusion Bookkeeping store your files in cloud based filing software such as Dropbox, One Drive and Google Drive. As this is your ‘filing cabinet’ we encourage all clients to explore which filing software suits them and understand their security and privacy policies

With software comes passwords and not having a system can be a massive security risk. While everyone has their own personal process for remembering passwords, Fusion Bookkeeping uses the award winning LastPass to manage and store passwords rather than their web browser. This is our password security software of choice because

  • It supports two-factor authentication
  • You can run a Security Challenge to identify week passwords
  • Passwords can be easily changed to generate new or stronger passwords

Fusion Bookkeeping uses TSheets time tracking and scheduling software for ourselves and has introduced it to several of our clients. We all use it for different reasons from time tracking and invoicing, to timesheet management, and scheduling in a workload. A particular benefit for a team of remote bookkeepers is the ability to ‘see’ when a team member has logged on and is working on a particular client during the week.