Which is more efficient:

Cheque books or internet banking?

Posting letters or email?

Filing cabinets full of paperwork or filing online eg Dropbox?

There are many cloud accounting systems available such as Xero and Quickbooks Online, and cloud storage systems like Dropbox which can make your life so much easier.

  • There are many benefits to both the business owner and bookkeeper when using cloud software: You can use your accounting software to create a quote, purchase order, invoice and record an expense on the go anywhere and anytime. You can use your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Easy!
  • There are no system upgrades costing you time and money. The cloud software automatically upgrades without interruption insuring you are always using the most up to date software.
  • The automation of cloud accounting software means businesses owners can spend less time on data entry and administration and more time on growing their business. Bank statements feed directly into your accounting system, timesheet software can be exported straight into your payrun… there is an integrated system available for almost any business needs.
  • If you save your receipts and bills in Dropbox, software like Receipt Bank can clean out and upload those receipts and bills automatically into your accounting software completely skipping a data entry step.
  • Your financial team can collaborate on your books in real time and see financial documents straight from your accounting system. You can also save financial documents such as bank statements, loan accounts and ATO documents for your accounting team to access immediately.
  • Your financial data is always secure and backed up.
  • And if your business has come to an end you just save our reports and cancel your subscription.
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